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About this blog

Our motto is never quilt alone.  So, this is a great place to start sharing what you are working on with others!

Whether your project is just beginning with fabric decisions, or in the messy middle with blocks scattered around, or you are finished (phew!) we want you to share it all!

When uploading an image, you can choose your own personal album to add it too - sweet!  We are excited and inspired by all the things, so please share with us. 

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Charlotte Odom

life update!

Member Update

Wanted to share some news with everyone! I have semi-retired from nursing after 47 years! I will continue to work on an as-needed basis for the nursing home and hospice that I was employed with. Not quite ready to stay home all the time though! This week I will go to work with my local sheriff's department on their Senior Citizens patrol! Totally stress free environment! Making wellness checks on the senior citizens in our parish! I have 2 major quilting events coming up. Missouri Star Quilt retreat in February and Paducah Quilt show in April! I don't share a lot on the group but I love it. I read a whole lot and love all of the tutorials! Hoping to be more involved in 2024! Happy New Year!

Becky J.

Finished quilt top

Member Update

I'm excited to share a finish!

It's a quilt top - still no long arm, so it will be a minute before it gets truly completed. 

I'm excited though about sewing something and having a finished top!

roundabout quilt top.jpg

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